Weaving it together

26 December, 2005

I’m trying to organize my online life. It’s actually feeling doable, which is probably because I’m outside my normal life right now for the holidays and have a lot of time to kill. For someone who has never thought of herself as a blogger (it’s just such an ugly word), I have quite an array: a defunct political/musing blog, a neglected knitting blog, a growing photoblog, and a moderately trafficked personal journal.

Anyway, I noticed a bit ago that my interests, which have always seemed so disparate, have a common thread: HOW I am interested in them. It starts when I get bit by interest in something, usually through a friend but sometimes de novo. At first I totally overdose on reading and talking about it and starting projects in it, some of which I finish before it fades. Fade it always does, and a few projects go unfinished and books go unread, but the knowledge is mostly intact. Some get integrated into my life, some lay dormant until I get re-obsessed, but they all come back and they all stick around to some degree.

Hence the blogs: I knit, I (used to) mainline politics and I am now taking pictures. Obsessions I haven’t started blogs about: working out, baseball, online dating, singing, film, driving/BMWs, iProducts, wine…In six months who knows? I might be leading a chavurah or reading at poetry slams. (A baseball re-obsession is a safe bet for next summer, though. Especially if the Cubs sign Tejada!)

And now, you’ll be able to read all about it in one convenient location!


4 Responses to “Weaving it together”

  1. oZH83423JlLt Says:

    Please change the settings on your RSS feed to include the full post. 🙂

  2. techne Says:


    I’ll think about it. 🙂

  3. mary anne Says:

    Also, you do sound like an interesting, well-educated person with lots of interests. Someone I’d enjoy being around.

    I do have to say that “blogging” really is not a pretty word, which you mention in your introduction. Although I don’t blog myself, I enjoy reading others’ personal accounts of all kinds of things. Can’t say the knitting thing grabs me, but, hey, since you write pretty well, it would prob. be the hippest knitting reading out there.

    Cheers, Mary Anne

  4. techne Says:

    I doubt the knitting would be your style even if I wrote the heck out of it. I used my kblog to keep track of projects, so it’s a lot of technical stuff. I could maybe write about more meta aspects….

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