Macy’s: Evil?

27 December, 2005

Not only is Chicago’s own Marshall Field’s getting rebranded into Macy’s, but Hecht’s, a DC-area-based family department store, is getting retired too.

My (extended, mostly) family was bemoaning the end of Marshall Field’s at dinner the other night, and condemning Macy’s for evilness. I pointed out that none of us, Chicago natives all, lived in Chicago anymore, and that when cities are left by the people who care about things like MF and repopulated by transients from around the nation, chains with national recognition are a better bet for a business like Macy’s.

“Oh but the May Company didn’t rename MF!” Yeah and look what happened to them: corporate takeover!

“They can’t change it, they just can’t! Where is their loyalty?” To the bottom line, not to ex-customers.

“But! But! It’s not right!” I let someone else change the subject. I wasn’t in the mood for challenges this trip anyway.


2 Responses to “Macy’s: Evil?”

  1. theresa Says:

    Same with Philadelphia’s “Strawbridges.” The May Co. did retire the John Wanamaker store, but kept Strawbridges when they gobbled up both local dept. stores. Now our Strawbridges will become Macy’s.
    I have always wanted a Macy’s in downtown Philadelphia (I get gift certificates to Macy’s from non-Philadelphia friends and relatives that I can’t use because I’m not crossing a bridge to the suburbs just to use a gift certificate). OTOH, I didn’t want a Macy’s instead of a Strawbridges. I had been thinking “in addition to”

  2. techne Says:

    I sort of remember Strawbridges from college. I’m reminded of when Bloomingdales opened in Chicago, I was in high school or thereabouts. It was a name I had heard but it had not been around before. It didn’t replace anything or force any stores out, that’s the sort of add-on many of us would prefer, but Bloomies did build their own 75-story building when they moved in. I can understand Macy’s not being willing to do that!

    I wish I could say that about GCs and suburbs. DC has nothing wrt local chain shopping compared to its near suburbs….

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