The closing of Comet Liquors

27 December, 2005

The WP has an article today on the closing of one of my three awesome neighborhood liquor stores, Comet Liquors. I’m not the type to hang out at a liquor store, but the simple fact that there was a liquor store you COULD hang out at (they had seating, and a deli counter, etc.) added to the neighborhood. It appears that they are mostly closing for internal reasons, not because they are being forced out by anyone. Considering the liquor store and the hanging-out-place competition in the neighborhood it’s not a huge surprise. I wonder who will move in next: a “hair salon chain,” the article says. Supercuts?

The article also mentions news I hadn’t heard: the building on Adams Mill that I walk by every day, with Miss Pixie’s antiques and Little Shop of Flowers and a random store that sold stereo/mixing equipment and small appliances and other electronic things, has been bought and the tenants are being forced out to make room for renovation and god knows what national chain or other. I didn’t know it also housed a substance-abuse treatment center. Cause there’s sure as hell too many of THEM around!!

In my lab two of my favorite people have already left. Does everyone have the feeling that they come in on the tail end of good things, or am I just unlucky? Hell, I’m yuppie enough to know I’ll probably frequent the new places as much or more as I did the old ones, but it’s a matter of character reduction. Sure I know why it’s happening (cf. Macy’s, Marshall Field’s) but those aren’t the sorts of places with direct national-chain competitors; the fact of a flower store next to an electronics store and an antique store in one 50-foot stretch is what will be gone, not just the specific places. I already have a name for that intersection: McStarbuster. What now, McStarbuster Barn? McStarblock Creamery?

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