ghosts on the metro

5 January, 2006

Metro, 1/4/06, originally uploaded by techne.

Going back to work this week, I found that I had exhausted/outgrown my accumulated ideas from the last few months about photos to take of my commute. So now my new game is long(ish) exposures like this one. There’s one in my flickr stream, from outside the train, that I like better and think is a better picture but have less to say about.

I wish the people in this one were less ghosty…I suppose I want to open up my aperture for that? Hmm. I’ll experiment tonight.


2 Responses to “ghosts on the metro”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’m impressed that that woman stayed as still as she did!

  2. bodhi47 Says:

    speed is the word. more speed, less ghost.

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