8 January, 2006

rock creek park from ellington bridge, originally uploaded by poopface_productions.

I walk by this view every day. I never see it look like this and if it did I couldn’t get this kind of color on my digital. Argh! I must figure out a way to make film workable.

It’s been a good photography 24 hours for me otherwise. Meeting flickr people last night was fun for two reasons: 1, always good to know more people in dc (and a bunch of them are actually neighbors of mine), but 2, it really validated a lot of the habits and instincts I’ve been developing. I saw a lot of the same things as more experienced folk, and my own stuff too. I am often too shy to get out there to get the shot I see, but being around people who weren’t was really useful. I felt less existential photojournalism pressure since I knew most every cool thing that happened’d get coverage from SOMEone, if not me; it freed me up to look more carefully for things, and to just not look and have fun singing along to the Elvi and chatting. And it was just raw fun to stand around comparing shots. After my Christmas vist home, by the end of which my grandmother would laugh at me (yes, AT me) whenever I’d reach for my camera, IT WAS SO NICE to be around others who do things the way I do.

Many props to my lucien photography friends for their feedback and encouragement these last few weeks. wrt hobbies, I usually let my newbie inadequacies bolster my hesitance, and I never get started. It’s been keeping me from photography (inadequacies in this case being cheap equipment/that I don’t know how to use good equipment) for over a decade. It’s a cycle I’m only now, staring down 30 years old, learning to defeat, and their props (and knowing to ask for them) were a big part of it in this instance. Kumbayah, y’all!


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