Goodbye, Corey

10 January, 2006

Corey Patterson has been traded to Baltimore.

He was interesting to watch. I was at the game that tore his ACL in 2003 (the opposing first baseman was being an ass and Patterson basically jumped over him, you knew things was bad before he even landed). And I was at god knows how many games where he underwhelmed in 2004 and 2005. If ever one needed convincing that skill in sports is strongly dependent on mental outlook, Patterson’s Cub tenure was exhibit A. I could relate to him in that way; when I played team sports, I would often follow up brilliant moves with bonehead moves. But I wasn’t getting paid. 🙂

He’s also an example of how talent can be a curse. He got to the majors on his tools, but never learned to hit with his mind AND his body (the batting equivalent of the pitcher/thrower difference), and he couldn’t really get sent back down for seasoning. I have hoped for years that he’d get traded to some team where the pressure’d be off him, I think he could really get good in a noninsane baseball town. And away from Dusty will probably help too (although I know nothing about the Orioles’ manager). I’m still a teeny bit bummed about the waste of Hee Seop Choi. Loved that guy.

In completely unrelated news I just heard a great band name (Fungible Blatanality) and a great name for a coffeeshop (Sufficient Grounds). (This is what happens when I multitask while writing blog posts.)


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