At Tryst

16 January, 2006

At Tryst, originally uploaded by techne.

After the Bears lost, I grabbed a bite with E. A writer, he was blogging into some notebooks when I arrived.

E: “Take pictures of me blogging.”
T: “ok.”
E: “Some photographer you are! Just sitting there.”
T: “Wha?! I’m taking pictures!!”
E: “Suuuure you are.”

Subsequent photo (above) taken from the floor by E’s chair while he laughed hysterically and I said “Believe me now? HUH? HUH???”

2 Responses to “At Tryst”

  1. mary anne Says:

    Yes, someday, I will meet you personally, Amber. Eric said he told you that I might be at Tryst on Sunday, but I never said that. Just so you know.

    I told him I wanted to go up to Baltimore and was going to try and catch him on my way up there, so he could put some flyers up for me at Tryst, which didn’t happen, bec. I decided to stay at E Street Cinema and see a second movie. At least he didn’t say I would def. be at Tryst, but Eric does get mixed up easily, as you prob. know. 😉

    Great photo, btw.

    Mary Anne

  2. techne Says:

    Thanks Mary Anne. Be sure to check out my page which has more and better stuff.

    It’s high time we got together if for no other reason that when my sister was here I got team-teased on by her and Eric, and it sounds like you and I could return the favor. 🙂

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