Blogger drinky-drinky week

20 January, 2006

Break shot at Cue Bar, originally uploaded by techne.

On Wednesday this week I went to the DC Blogger Meetup and met a buncha people. On Thursday I went to the DCistHappy Hour and met…a lot of the same people. Well, OK. Some new ones too. Post in the comments if you remember meeting me and when I get around to it I’ll add you to my blogroll!

UPDATE: Others have more informatively blogged the event:
Joelogon was there Wednesday, and took lots of pictures of my boobs
Wayan was there Thursday flirting his tail off, and also hasseveral fun pictures with me in them on flickr
DCJohn was there Wednesday and Thursday (professional interest you see. Uh huh.)
Al3x was also there both nights, but did not get the memo about taking pics to post on flickr
Michael also took lots of good shots, some of which I appear in


3 Responses to “Blogger drinky-drinky week”

  1. Michael Says:

    It was great to see you both times!

  2. Ryan B Says:

    That pic is so sweet

  3. wayan Says:

    Flirting my tail off and still here I am without yoru number or even your name!

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