Not my weekend….

23 January, 2006

I fumbled my camera again today and it knocked against a railing. All appeared functional, but now I can’t get my computer to recognize that it’s attached.

I was trying to ignore the rest of the sucky, but this incident happened while I was out having an unsatisfying day of photowalking (an hour too late for the good light) and ice skating (by myself). Puts a nice cap on it to have my camera break too. And it’s 120% my fault. I wasn’t even supposed to HAVE my camera (“no cell phones, cameras or bags on the ice!” well, I didn’t bring my bag, anyway…)

It can still read and write to the card, so I’m hesitant to pop the back off and reseat things myself lest I remove its ability to even do that. But it’s verrrrrrrrry tempting to this ex-computer hardware technician.


One Response to “Not my weekend….”

  1. Momb Says:

    Get thee unto ye olde camera shoppe.

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