Canon Digital Rebel 300D

28 January, 2006

me with MY NEW BABY, originally uploaded by techne.

Me with my new toy! Click through to flickr to see some of my first pics with it.

It needs a name, I think.

What a day I had, Fridays are so nuts sometimes. I got in early and discovered just how late my lab rolls in (9:20). I was there early to prep my Journal Club. While I knew it would go fine and be casual and everything, I still had to spaz and cram to get the adrenaline flowing for a good presentation. It worked (as always), and was actually necessary: I made a table at the last minute that ended up being the hinge of the whole presentation.

I had an exhausting afternoon: “now that you’re done with Journal Club, here’s everything you put on hold for it in work and personal life and you have to put all these fires out RIGHT NOW.” So that happened. Fires not all out, but most banked for the weekend at least. Just in time for writing my portion of my PI’s BSC review for next Thursday…oy.

While the evening was better (got my new camera, had dinner with a friend from Chicago, and went to a friend’s house to drink his housewarming beer), I always realize around 9 or 10 on a Friday just how long I’ve been going for. I once slept through a war movie on a crazy Friday night (I’m told that I woke up, looked around and went back to sleep when the action slowed, and slept through the firefights). A strategic cappucino reserve prevented my pumpkination this evening, but then my new toy has kept me up til now…and me with baseball practice tomorrow at noon an hour’s drive away!

BTW, I am easily bored by Italian food, but Odeon Cafe on Connecticut north of Dupont Circle? Best Italian I’ve had in some time. Dining partner agreed. Interesting that it’s just a block or so down from Bistrot du Coin which is my favorite FRENCH restaurant in town…


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