DC pool hall monopoly

7 February, 2006

Wha! It turns out that pool halls Atomic, Bedrock, Buffalo, AND bars Mackey’s and Aroma are all owned by the same conglomerate! (This actually makes sense to me. I get the same ooky vibe from all of those places, well, the pool halls anyway; aroma and mackey’s are their own thing.)

Fight Big Billiards! Go to Kokopooli’s; $10/hour, perfect pool hall ambiance, and they have small tables (7 feet if I remember right) which helps bad shooters like me play their hustler friends.

Or go to any of the free bar tables around a-m. I’d tell you where they are, but then I’d have to kill you.

Grab bag post: allow me to direct you towards my friend Regaining my Faculties, a blogger academic single mother who specializes in medieval toilets and old english and cool ivory tower stuff like that. Oh, and being HILARIOUS–I met her through a listserv with something like 200+ opinionated fascinating women and she’s a favorite of EVERYONE on there, and we can’t even agree on the color of the goddamned SKY. She had an “awful, but ever so much fun to read about” weekend a bit ago with her son and a friend of his. Go read it, you’ll laugh.


One Response to “DC pool hall monopoly”

  1. Not only are all of the district’s pool halls owned by the same folks, but these folks also own pool halls around the country. They run bars too including Carpool in VA. Nightlife conglomerate folk.

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