First Hockey Game

8 February, 2006

First Hockey Game, originally uploaded by techne.

One day last spring, I was in a field box singleton seat at Wrigley on a beautiful weekday afternoon. An older gentleman took a shine to me (the scorebook impresses ’em) and we chatted a bit. Then he gestured at my book and Cubs hat and asked, “So, who did this to you?”

Hello everyone. My name is techne, and I’m addicted to baseball.

Funny how baseball withdrawal gets worse throughout the winter, not better as a real withdrawal would. I think it’s because the bad memories of the last season fade and are replaced by that spring hope…

Saw the Panthers crush the Capitals tonight, which despite the outcome was a good time, the company being good and the experience being novel. It was my first pro non-baseball sporting event in…um…wow. Ever?


One Response to “First Hockey Game”

  1. Joelogon Says:

    Baseball — that’s the one with the sticky thing, right?

    I was at the Panthers/Caps game, too — haven’t blogged it yet, but here are my flickr pics:


    Talk to you — Joe

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