It’s happened!

8 February, 2006

WARNING: this is a really stupid thing to be proud of.

One of my pictures was picked to illustrate a post on DCist.

My view

I’ve been reading the -ist blogs of wherever I live for a year or so, and only in the last few months did I notice that the pics on DCist were taken by actual non-pro people, generally posted through flickr accounts. “Hey” thought I, “I have a flickr account from back in the day. And a camera. And the ganas.” (You’ve got to have the ganas!) The rest is history, well-documented on this blog. So I’ve had this as a goal for myself for a while, and…now I need a new goal 🙂

Why is it stupid? Cause I went to a happy hour a few weeks ago and met the DCist people, and they’re just folks, and there’s already plenty of just folks who have nice things to say about my stuff on flickr, so why should I want these PARTICULAR folks’ regard? Well, cause they have a soapbox. And while it’s probably not true, I have the bias that if there’s a website that I visit, it must be popular (cause why else would I know about it). So it’s exposure. Which flickr has already been giving me, but this feels different.

Watch me be totally blase about this sort of thing in 6 months, like my flickr friend birdcage, who doesn’t even notice anymore when her pics get picked. I guess when you are so freaking talented that even pictures you shoot half paying attention at a bowling alley are cool, that’s what life is like.

…naah I can’t see myself blase…I’m still the person who, every now and then, loads up a photo of “her name Ph.D.” on the scoreboard at Wrigley Field last year, just to smile at it for a few minutes. I’ll probably always be happy about things like this.


One Response to “It’s happened!”

  1. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    Girl, I never noticed in the first place 😉 Besides, you’re now in the hall of fame, so start working on your blase…

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