New winter Olympic event: photowalking

13 February, 2006

23rd and Broadway, originally uploaded by techne.

Went to NYC with the flickr cadre this weekend for some photowalking. Yes, we were fully informed about the blizzard. But hey, the snow never sticks in New York! Anyway, you can’t keep a Midwesterner down with a few measly feet of snow. I had boots, I had long underwear, I had a hat I knit myself with earflaps and devil horns and devil tails. I was plenty warm, I just didn’t trust any municipalities to be functioning half as well as Chicago would under the circumstances. And indeed, my fears were realized: buses were canceled, lots of regional rail trains were too, and Amtrak was a total mess. We all made it out though, due to our tremendous travel mojo.
As for the trip itself….I took a lot of pictures. I had a lot of fun. I learned tons and tons from hanging out with a half dozen experienced photographers, several of whom use the same equipment brand I do. There’ll be more — much more — later.


One Response to “New winter Olympic event: photowalking”

  1. […] I did run into trouble though: I’m an idjit who didn’t bring her spare battery to the game. Luckily, I had learned some tricks on our NYC blizzard weekend for extending battery life in cold weather (thanks f1.4 and epmd!). Despite hitting low battery levels before the game started I managed to squeeze shots out of Rita until the ushers kicked us out. I was there with a friend who let me use his new Nikon and its spiff-o-matic 24-120 if I desired (thanks wolfhead!). (I got some awesome action shots with it that I’ll be posting later.) Also, I get a second chance: I’m going to Sunday’s game, which will be a 7pm start (thanks noptys!). Hooray for a possible golden hour–it was bright and cloudy today, meaning pure white near-blown-out skies alla time. Not pretty for the panoramas I’ve been planning. […]

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