16 February, 2006

I have an online-life pet peeve.

You know the abbreviation “wtf”?  Which arose, like most internet abbreviations, to save typing time for the common phrase?  It works, don’t you think?  I do. I use it all the time in the real world and online.  Maybe I shouldn’t (I did acquire the nickname “pottymouth” last weekend, and this from a peer group who aren’t so chaste of mouth themselves). But I do.
Recently I’ve started to hear people say “doubleyou tee eff??”  In groups where blue language is just fine, they do this; in groups where there are no online-savvy credentials to establish, they do this. It’s all I can do not to point out that wtf is an ABBREVIATION, the point of which is to ABBREVIATE something, and “what the fuck” is three syllables and saying all the letters is five and FIVE IS MORE THAN THREE.
The first person to hear me say “doubleyou tee eff” gets to point and laugh at me for a long time.


4 Responses to “iPeeve”

  1. You’re ahead of the curve. NPR had a story this morning about how the language is changing because of these sorts of abbreviations, and how they’re being reinserted into the vocabulary from text. Evidently those crazy kids are once again pushing the boundaries of decency with their ‘computers,’ and their ‘cell phones,’ and their ‘language.’

  2. techne Says:

    Oh man, does that make me the crochety older person?

    Not that I haven’t always been that person…

  3. Yeah, we’re definitely the generation being gapped. Pretty soon we’ll have ‘classic techno’ stations.

  4. JamesCalder Says:

    late to the party as usual, but just wanted to share a brit equivalent of wtf: ffs

    can you guess?

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