3 March, 2006

Last night I dreamt I was talking to someone I know who was telling me that he was retiring from internet life. No more web, no more email, no more online presence. I was shocked, he’s pretty plugged in, it’s a big change…and then jealous, in that way you get of people who are doing awesome and cool things you can’t do but which you’ve always wanted to do, like African safaris, or Angelina Jolie. Just when I was feeling like I had more of a handle on my iLife, too….I guess my unconscious doesn’t feel that way.

I think I need to pare the RSS down. I was off to a good start today–I usually check in with the aggregator/email after feeding my cats and before getting ready in the morning, but today I went straight to work and got stuff done before logging in to anything. I am so doing that again tomorrow. It’s shocking how big an effect a little change like that can have.


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