Idiotarod report

12 March, 2006

What a day.

We decided on a theme on Friday when B., team member E.’s girlfriend, found cheap all-white outfits at Old Navy. We decorate ourselves as bull-runners, head to Dupont Circle and gussy up the cart as a bull. (I was lobbying to be a ninja. “It’d be totally sweet!” I’d say at any opportunity, often a little too loudly. But it ended up being 70 and sunny, too warm for black balaclavas. Maybe next year….)

We received our hints about the first location and instantly run off full tilt in the wrong direction. Oops.


After a longer-than-expected conference about which way is south, we turned around and headed downtown to the first checkpoint. Sure is far. Sure aren’t so many other carts. Or any, in fact. Wasn’t this one supposed to be close by and simple? So said the organizer, who thought the clue might be TOO easy… we were still running at a brisk pace. My asthma kicks in. I slow us down. I feel shame. We arrive at the location. Or so we thought.


Who knew? There are TWO strip clubs in DC near a place named Royale (our best sense of the meaning of the clues, which the organizers later admitted that we got a particularly bad version of). One at K and 15th, and the other north of Dupont Circle, where we began the race. That is, back the way we came and then some. I ponder the embarrasment of death by heart attack at age 29. We run. Uphill. The organizers aren’t even there anymore when we arrive.


The first bar we are to spend 20 minutes at is back the way we came, part of the Herpes Triangle. Mere blocks from where we thought the initial one was….

Asides from our time wastin’, and how it exhausted all of us (not just me, thank goodness), it was pretty damn fun. And of all the ways to spend an entire day outdoors, this was a good one.

More later. I’m so sore and tired right now….


One Response to “Idiotarod report”

  1. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    Hey, we came in 15th of 21, which, as far as I’m concerned is damn good for people who were dragged screaming behind a shopping cart for a mile and a half extra by McGill.

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