Where’ve I been

23 March, 2006

Every January or so, my friend Aaron Myers blesses those around him with a selection of his favorite tracks released in the previous year. This was my first year in the same city as him so the 2005 album was my first. Now he had the Sufjan Stevens song Casimir Pulaski Day on there, and I heard it and really liked it, but for some reason it didn’t hit me between the eyes like it did when I picked up the full album and heard it in context. It’s not just that it’s a three-kleenex sort of song, but that its imagery is so strong and cinematic — he doesn’t describe what people said as much as what they did, how they moved, which together with the arrangement makes it deceptively simple.

And hell, Pulaski Day. IME only graduates of the Chicago Public School system know from Pulaski Day. I’d probably like the album without all the IL shout-outs, but hey. They’re nice.

One Response to “Where’ve I been”

  1. furcafe Says:

    Sounds like you need to pay a visit to the Pulaski statue in Freedom Plaza:

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