Cherry blossoms

30 March, 2006

As a District photographer, I'm supposed to be all over the cherry blossoms. I'm supposed to have pictures of them with the Jefferson Memorial in the background, and pictures of them filling the frame from here to the horizon, and macro pictures with way shallow DOF of blossoms in various states of bloom, and even pictures of photographers taking pictures.

But I've learned to listen to this voice I have that every now and then while I'm composing a shot pipes up and says, "I'm bored. Are we done yet? Can we go?" I drop what I'm doing and walk away when that happens, I figure it's not a good indicator of future photo interestingness to be bored with a shot before I even take it. That's how I feel about the blossoms right now.

I should just get my ass down there, I'm sure I'd find something. It feels like a hassle, is all.


One Response to “Cherry blossoms”

  1. epmd Says:

    I hear ya. I really have no interest in taking pictures of them.

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