1 April, 2006

It happened just as I thought it would, tonight at the Nats-Orioles exhibition game. Scorebook in hand, camera across torso with largest lens on: a configuration not sustainable, and more than faintly ridiculous. In fact, highly ridiculous.  Which interest, each with its own incomprehensible-to-outsiders numeric code, will prevail?? The old? The new? The left brain? The right brain?

It was a rout. One completely stomped the other and carried the day. Here's the numbers that did it: 200*1.5, f/2.8. Hells yeah. The other didn't even put up a fight: Game #0, 9-12-0 vs 6-11-2. Yeah I wanna score that shit, what a great use of my time.  Instead I caught a lot of deliveries, a few swings and a play at the plate.  Flickr buddy bsivad is rule for dropping by and sharing his press pass-inspired largesse.



  1. Dave Says:

    Hey, techne–I’m the guy keeping score in the same row as you. Sorry I didn’t give you back your spring clamp before you left.

    True, it was a rout, but it was a practice game. The Nationals, however, beat the O’s in attendance by 19K to 11K–and WE paid full price for our tickets! We are the real fans, yes?

  2. techne Says:

    wow. What a small damn world. I have a ton of clamps, no worries.

    I was just happy to be at a game again….

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