This Monday afternoon

4 April, 2006

Even the hardest-working tech left lab as the tornado watch approached, so I didn't hang around either — but it was totally un-tornado on the walk across campus. Maybe a bit cloudy and imminent-stormy, but none of that eerie greenish light that I remember from watches in the Midwest. So, I stop and shoot this one bed of tulips I've had my eye on. I get up on a low wall, I'm there 5, 10 minutes, shooting downwards, getting nothing great. I finally give up, get down off the wall. Turn around to go, and…. the apocalypse:

ApocalypseI stood, jaw on ground, for a while. In 20 years in the midwest (the urban midwest, it's true, but you do get tornado conditions in the city at times) I've never seen clouds move like that. They were billowing downwards–imagine if you were looking down on a mushroom cloud. Like that, only glowery and blue-gray and moving reeeeeeeally fast (for clouds), and the rest of the sky moving in mind-fuckingly wrong directions too, just ROILING. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. (This year, anyway.)

Here's a little photography quiz for you photogeeks. I own the following glass lenses, in order of obtainment (is that a word?):

A) Canon's kit lens for the 300d, 18-55mm zoom (equiv on 300d: ~30-90mm) (at least, they claim it's made of glass)

B) Canon 50mm f/1.8 prime (equiv: 80mm)

C) Canon 17-40 f/4L zoom (equiv: 28-75mm)

Guess, just guess! which one I had on Rita today, while all this fabulous large-scale weather was happening right above me.

Bonus question! Guess which lens I came this/close to putting on before I left this morning, but figured nah, I don't really need that one ALL the time do I, I mean it's kinda heavy and what can there be that will need it today, anyway?

*bang head against wall*

So: photostitching.

Medical Center Metro awning

I also got about 10 pictures of how the sky looks immediately after lightning strikes. In case you are wondering, it looks pretty goddamn boring. No need to thank me for the recon, I'm always happy to help!


2 Responses to “This Monday afternoon”

  1. John Says:

    Well, it could have been worse… you could have just had the lensbaby.

  2. techne Says:

    But that might have actually been cool!

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