Cubs win

8 April, 2006

Damn, was it ever cold….but it was a very enjoyable game. Exciting, and watching the Cubs outclass the Cardinals is a rare treat that I hope we're in for more of this year. They really played well, and got a good share of lucky breaks. The wind blew in, which helped Maddux (who easily got the win), and it messed with their fielders but not ours. With Pierre batting (boy is it nice to have a leadoff guy, esp one who can bunt for hits) Dusty called for a suicide squeeze — against a LaRussa team, haha! It got away from everyone and eventually rolled foul, but Cedeno scored before it did, so while it didn't count, there is some satisfaction to be felt over the play. "Neener," I believe is the appropriate term. Thanks to wolfhead, the heir to my family's season tickets, for taking me today, and to his hilarious dad for not insisting on his paternal rights to opening day seats!

let the rivalry begin

Dusty and LaRussa shake hands during the Opening Day festivities.

Took a ton of pictures — had trouble getting in the groove at first, though. I've been anticipating shooting Wrigley for a long time, but also anticipating that when I'd actually get there I'd have trouble seeing shots because of all the baggage I was bringing. Lensbaby to the rescue (thanks dcjohn!). Using it did the trick of pushing me outside the familiar way of seeing things, and after that I had no trouble seeing cool stuff. I became crazy lens-changing girl, changing lenses all the time, trying to keep up with the ideas and the action. Good times. I missed keeping score, but only a little.

upper deck bunting, Opening Day 2006, Wrigley Field

I did run into trouble though: I'm an idjit who didn't bring her spare battery to the game. Luckily, I had learned some tricks on our NYC blizzard weekend for extending battery life in cold weather (thanks f1.4 and epmd!). Despite hitting low battery levels before the game even started, I managed to squeeze shots out of Rita until the ushers kicked us out afterwards. Wolfhead let me use his new Nikon and its spiff-o-matic 24-120 if I desired (thanks again!). (I got some awesome action shots with it that I'll be posting later.) Also, I get a second chance: I'm going to Sunday's game, which will be a 7pm start (thanks noptys!). Hooray for a possible golden hour–it was bright and cloudy today, meaning pure white near-blown-out skies alla time. Not pretty for the panoramas I've been planning.

Yay Chicago! I'm staying at the apt I used to live in. I've had stuffed pizza, oh god, was it ever divine, fresh spinach from Edwardo's. I've had Julius Meinl, I miss that place a lot…Tryst is nice and all, but Meinl is more "mine." Seen old friends, seeing more tomorrow, sister arrived a bit ago….

So things are going as I hoped they would on this trip to the Midwest. I have not yet seen the Cubs bullpen blow a lead, but there's two more games this weekend for that! Looking forward to Big Z's start tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Cubs win”

  1. F1.4 Says:

    I am going to tape a spare battery to your forehead next time I see you.

  2. ElPapadeJake Says:

    A new one for me: “neener.” Nice entry. JD’s link lands on another wolfhead’s page, and my hilarity (pshaw) leads to oops.

  3. ElPapadeJake Says:

    Oh, now I get it: “Neener neener neener,” aka “the taunt.”

  4. techne Says:

    yeah E, by the time I noticed that I had the wrong usernames for you two, the DSL had gone out. Fixed now.

  5. Steve Bartman Says:

    Yeah, have fun for this ‘rare treat’ as you put it. Talk to you in October (sarcasm).

    You beat us! Good, I hope that St Louis bullpen can get their heads out their asses, since we had 2 of 3 of those games beat until the 7th or 8th innings. Yeah St. L needs work on their bullpen, but it is still better than Chicago’s.

    We’ll see what happens in St. L. The Cardinals always play like crap in the wind, it seems. However, this is the first sweep you guys had over us in what, five years? I’m pretty sure we’ve swept you once or twice since then (sarcasm).

    I’m not worried. As far as the squeeze, I predict that we’ll still have the most because that is Larussa’s style. Perhaps Tony gave Dusty a few pointers, or perhaps Dusty is just trying to emulate Larussa. Hey, you gotta stick with what works!

    How does it feel that the White Sox won the World Series? That just has to eat you up inside, as a Cub fan, doesn’t it? Personally, it makes me want to puke that Houston got away with that series, but Clemons was too badass. Yeah we lost, due to good pitching by Houston, bad pitching by us, a few bad calls (especially Molina at second base, even though he was safe by several feet), and perhaps luck or Divine intervention channeled through Mrs. Clemons on her deathbed.

    At any rate have fun this year. Just think, only two more seasons until the 100th anniversary of World Series victory for the Cubbies. You gotta be proud of something!

    Steve Bartman, Miami, Florida

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