19 April, 2006

In a "read all the DC bloggers you can find!" phase I had a bit ago, one of them turned me on to Good at Drinking, Bad at Life, one of the few blogs to survive the inevitable purge that followed. He brings the funny, and did not annoy me like so many other blogs which shall remain nameless did. I guess I posted a comment sometime, cause he saw my woo girls post and tagged me for what livejournal calls a blog meme: six facts about myself.

We have a problem here though. It seemsthat they shoudl be "little-known" type facts. But I'm kinda an open book. I'll tell anyone anything. When playing truth or dare, I always picked truth (also, my friends' dares were way lame). And I forget who knows what, having a bad memory, so I retell stories and things alla damn time, and, people generally being polite, they won't always tell me that they are bored silly hearing it all again, and then eventually they do tip me off that I'm repeating myself and I feel like an idiot.

OK, I'm putting this off, because I hate listing things about myself. (You better show up at Pharaoh's tomorrow, Bad at Life, so I can make you do something you hate, like not drink, or something.) I have a completely out-of-proportion worry that I'll forget something. Say, for example, someone made me list the people I loved the most. I'd prolly say "well my parents of course, and my young cousins are the cute, and their parents, and um, this friend, and that friend, and the other friend, and, hmm lemme think AAIGH! I FORGOT MY SISTER!" Because I have a brain like a sieve, this is how things often happen up in techne mindspace. (see? I already told you I had a bad memory and here I told you again. I only caught it on a reread.) I can forget VERY important things because they're simply not at the top of the "recently thought-about" heap. And having that happen makes it sound like I (in this COMPLETELY UNTRUE EXAMPLE which exists for ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY, sister) love my sister less than (random friend). Which is of course NOT TRUE.

Yeah I hate being pinned down. (Well, I….er. Moving on.) Hanging with joelogon and I-495 Blues (and Articulatory Loop? Were you there still?) at the January All-Blogger Meetup, the conversation at one point turned to our top 5 albums. They made me list mine and wouldn't let me off the hook. It was awful. I begged, I used the feminine charms, I used my PhD-enhanced powers of argument…no worky. I spit something out, but don't ask me what I said, I don't remember. (Brain: sieve.)

This sure is a lot of not-listing-things I'm doing, and me with lab meeting tomorrow morning. I guess y'all'll just have to wait until I have some work to procrastinate tomorrow. 🙂


2 Responses to “Tagged!”

  1. Michael Says:

    I wasn’t there then, but I would have joined in the question-evading. Except of course for listing “Sandinista” and “Triggers.”

  2. Brian Says:

    Oh c’mon. The top five album game is not that bad, is it?

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