6 things

20 April, 2006

I am going to attempt to do this quickly and not write a book for each one. Hey, why are you laughing?

Props to B. and L. for their help!

1) One summer, age 12 or so, I watched the Empire Strikes Back every day.

2) I knit. I made an iPod cozy before it was cool. It was too big though.

3) In HS I was a key starter for a varsity sport. We won State my senior year and got to 17th in Nationals, just missing the Sweet 16 on a technicality (and those games were televised, garr!). Which sport? Scholastic Bowl. Yes, to compete in Sectionals we needed medical exams to prove that we were healthy enough to press those little buttons.

4) An online dating site once asked me what my "most unusual or impressive skill" was. It was too gross to list there, but not here! (THATS YOUR WARNING, MOVE ON TO 5 IF EASILY SQUICKED.)

WARNING, GROSS: Animal Research, August 2000, Northwestern University

I can get an immobilizing hold on a rat, kill it with a guillotine before its stress response kicks in, collect 3/4 of its blood volume, remove and freeze its brain in one piece without nicking it or anything, remove and separate out the two lobes of its pituitary gland and freeze them, and clean everything up for the next rat — in 5 minutes. I can do this for hours.

Give me another 5 minutes and I can, instead of freezing the brain, dissect out and separately freeze the olfactory bulb, frontal cortex, hippocampi, amygdalae, hypothalamus, and cerebellum (and others, if needed.) And sterilize the equipment and clean everything up for the next rat.

5) As a frosh, on a dare of sorts one night at dinner, I gave a safer-sex demonstration to a good half of my college's students. Leaving no sexuality behind, I used both a banana and an orange.

6) I can't ride a bike or swim. OK, that's exaggerating a little. If I had to bike or swim for my life, I would live, but it wouldn't be smooth, and sadly I tend to get more tension than joy out of both things. See, when y'all were getting bikes as kids, I got…a scooter. So I learned balance, but not really how to kick off and get started and manage the pedals easily and so on. (I also broke a front tooth in half in a fall, although that's probably not the scooter's fault, qua scooter.) As for the swimming, were I swimming away from a threat I'd be able to keep my eye on it the whole time…since I'd be doing the backstroke.

Your turn! (Adding links tomorrow, too tired and pissed at wordpress right now cause it totally ate the first version of this post. Any ideas for helping it play nice with Firefox?)



eric bourland

future therapist

I-495 blues (c'mon, you're halfway there and that's without the obvious one)

wired dude


11 Responses to “6 things”

  1. Michael Says:

    OK, your unusual skill is awesome. I’ve only done it like three times but I know I took much longer.

  2. Future Therapist Says:

    I’m not sure what the questions are that I’m being tagged to answer!

  3. techne Says:

    Dude, the first three times I did it, it took much longer. And I sure as heck didn’t do it before MY stress response kicked in.

    This job is listed in a book called “50 worst jobs.” It’s #48.

  4. techne Says:

    Read previous post, future therapist! Just 6 interesting things about yourself…

  5. Bsivad Says:

    Would like to see rat-related skill demonstrated at a Flickr meetup sometime … some of the places we go, you should have no trouble finding a subject.

  6. techne Says:

    All I’d need is a guillotine….

  7. Brian Says:

    … and a rat, maybe?

  8. Momb Says:

    She slices, she dices, she juiliennes with ease!

  9. six skills

    1. wearing a hat
    2. politesse
    3. divertissement
    4. the wild thing
    5. rat rodeo, pigeon park, dc
    6. lunacy

  10. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    oi vay, I just saw this. now I have to think of interesting things about myself? this could take another week…

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