Adams Morgan Animal Hospital: bad

24 April, 2006

Let this officially count as bad buzz around their name. (Washington DC veterinarian cat vet Adams Morgan Animal Hospital Clinic this is all for the google indexing.)

Sue has been drinking like he just walked through the desert, he hasn't moved from the water bowl since I opened the carrier.

Bastards. Did you feed him, I wonder?

Not letting it out of his sight

UPDATE: OK, maybe not so bad. The receptionist (whose sister is either stupid, blind, or anosmic) clipped him quite a bit and gave him a bath. And didn't charge me. Still, that is a nice lens that I coulda bought with the money I just spent on Sue.


5 Responses to “Adams Morgan Animal Hospital: bad”

  1. liz Says:

    Poor guy! A pox upon The Adams Morgan Animal Clinic !!!

  2. jerry bayer Says:

    It’s easy to put down someone. Try talking to the doctors; I’ll bet they have been after you for a full workup to assess the problem for some mtime prior to this incident. Maybe you are just too cheap to see where the problem really is; ie: with you

  3. techne Says:

    It’s easy to jump to conclusions, too, Jerry. This was my first trip to the doctors there. I went to them BECAUSE they were cheap, and it was a bad idea. I now pay more for much more professional and competent service (Friendship Animal Hospital).

  4. Pat Says:

    My 80-year-old mother took her happy little dog, Aja, to simply have her nails trimmed at Adams Morgan Animal Hospital on Tuesday, October 30, 2007. The cost should have been $18.00. My mother left that place with a traumatized little dog and a $65.00 bill! The dog’s nails had been trimmed all right… Her footpads and inner ears had been shaved as well. The footpads were swollen. The inner ears were bright red and Aja was shaking uncontrollably.

    Today, Monday, November 5th my mother’s dog doesn’t want to walk much. She shakes her head continuously when she does. She constantly tries to rub her ears and now there is a foul odor emitting from her left ear. I called the hospital and spoke with an assistant and was told I should speak with the office manager tomorrow and bring the dog in for an assessment!


    Aja, needs to see another vet… more pain… more money!
    She is such a sweet sweet little dog. I hope she makes it through this…

  5. N Says:

    Almost killed our cat through delayed care. Charged us an arm and leg, then had to take him to South Paws in FAIRFAX(!) for proper care and spend another 1600 bucks! I’d burn the place down if I could!

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