DCist Photo of the Day

26 April, 2006

I had stopped with the gleeful blogging of each DCist use of a photo of mine to illustrate articles….but this time a photo of mine was chosen for their new Photo of the Day feature!

musician, Gallery PlaceWhat's more, it has sparked controversy. We got all kinds of fun elements here: is DCist a commercial or non-commercial site? What are the rights of a photographer's subject? How does one actually use the Creative Commons license? Oh if I only knew an EFF lawyer specializing in IP issues, or a photographer and artist's son who is prominent in the open-source software world, or an academic with cyberculture expertise. Folks such as these would surely have interesting things to say. Alas…

And! My controversy comes complete with troll, who complained that the image was out of focus and cropped too tightly. I'll post a reply on DCist in a minute, but I wanted to thank furcafe and James C for having my back. I've been active on Flickr just a few months, but I really value the friends I've made there. It's been a very positive experience both personally and creatively, one I'm very thankful for.


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