airliner terrorism + time = profit!

27 April, 2006

Everyone’s got their story about how they heard, what they were doing, how they changed as the implications sunk in. One thing everyone noticed, though, was how much it felt and looked like a movie: unreal, over the top. I remember when I suddenly realized that it WOULD be a movie, and sooner rather than later. The thing’s meaning would get twisted and hijacked and coopted and finally, profited upon. It reminds me of the South Park Underwear Gnomes’ master plan:

PHASE 1: Steal underwear


PHASE 3: Profit!

Here we are, at Phase 3 already…and a lot sooner than we’d like. Let’s examine that “sooner,” though. Would there ever be a time when this movie wouldn’t offend?

The “too soon” argument uncomfortably implies that tragedy has an expiration date, but immediacy isn’t what makes this movie different from your Schindler’s Lists and Hotels Rwanda. While wrenching, these movies happened at a psychological remove. This is so much more real than Nazis and machete-wielding mobs. It’s primal, it gets at fears that are, quite literally, hardwired into our brains. I mean, how easy is it to imagine yourself in that plane? You’re on planes all the time!

I think it will always feel too real for me, and that’s why I won’t be seeing Snakes On A Plane.

5 Responses to “airliner terrorism + time = profit!”

  1. John Says:

    I’m first in line for Snakes On A Plane, sold by the trailer.

  2. techne Says:

    Agh, the carnage! Why do you hate freedom?

    (Really I’m just bummed that it can in no way live up to teh awesome of the meme, even if they do reshoot and add Sam Jackson saying “get the motherfucking snakes off the motherfucking plane.”)

  3. Momb! Says:

    I was at the movies a few weeks ago and unexpectedly saw the trailer for this film. My immediate response was that, yes, it was “too soon.” I think many people will view this film as commemorative, and perhaps it will help them to mourn or to heal. But I’m not ready. If the very remembrance of the event is so raw that it still brings real tears, real sadness, real heartache, real pain, then I feel the film and its timing is too much, too fresh, too tragic, too hurtful, too soon, and just too damn commercial. The event and its aftermath has changed our lives so fundamentally in so many really bad ways that I for one am not ready to trivialize it for someone else’s monetary gain. The whole idea of this film rubs me the wrong way.

  4. Nancy Kirk Says:

    I am continually astonished at how much I (not my life)
    has changed since 9/11. My values, obsessions, fears
    and drives have significantly changed. I didn’t expect it,
    and Flight 93 sums it up. Love of the land is an outmoded
    value in the USA, I’m not sure why. We’re attached to other
    things now, our personal comfort and safety. I can’t begin
    to imagine sitting on that plane and deciding that I had
    to chance it to save the White House, instead of cowering
    and praying that something would happen to save me.
    My heart will always grieve for the passengers on that

  5. wolfhead Says:

    It is WAY too soon to be showing snakes in planes. I can barely stand to
    see snakes in my soup.

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