lab photo session

27 April, 2006

We needed some clip art for our lab newsletter, and didn't like any of the stuff we could find. Usually I have the 17-40/4 on during the week, but since I got a replacement for my jacked-up 50mm/1.8 last night I am wearing that today, and it's so good indoors….You know folks, I have my camera, I said. I'm at your service, who's got some ideas? Ensued 20 minutes of lab teamwork and creativity that was lots of fun! We've been operating as a lab a lot today, this was just the afternoon incarnation….it feels good to have a lot of people working on the same idea, be it running a TDT on chromosome 5q or taking shallow-DOF shots of DNA microarray chips.

To the left are the "deep-well" plates which contain stock DNA–in this case, DNA of families with bipolar disorder that were collected by NIMH. They are templates for making the black plates to the right, in which we perform the SNP assays: reactions that look at a particular base pair of interest to determine each person's genotype (whether they have a C or a T there). SNP ("snip," not "ess en pee") is short for "single nucleotide polymorphism."  Most points in the genome do not vary between people, or even between species, but a very few do and those are the ones we care about. ANyway, so we genotype SNPs,and then we try to correlate that genotype with the patients'  clinical features.

And that's all there is to what I do. 🙂


2 Responses to “lab photo session”

  1. James C. Says:

    great use of DOF!! (glad the lens is being put to such wonderful use… and so swiftly!)

  2. techne Says:

    Thanks! Shallow DOF: instant Art esp to the untrained eye, the lab was way impressed 😉

    and now it’s the weekend when I am all about the 1.8, so there’s more where that came from!

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