password to the next post

16 May, 2006

In the interests of not posting things that make it trivial to identify me, I introduce password-protected posts to this blog. Unless I can think of something better, the password is the same as the email signature I usually use.


2 Responses to “password to the next post”

  1. jamy Says:

    Warning: off topic comment.

    I usually read on bloglines, but I clicked through today and I really like the new template. Clean, spare, easy to read and somehow more pleasant than the old one. I like the way the posts are separated too.

  2. techne Says:

    Thanks Jamy! I had been paying absolutely no attention to my layout at all, and it was either the last pharaoh’s or the hater’s meetup that inspired me to fix it already. I think I shoudl get on the live feed….question is to use the blog name or a photo as the logo.

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