17 May, 2006

I'll be in Milwaukee this weekend at a dear friend's wedding, and of course Rita will be along too.  I thought it'd be cool to rent a lens for the occasion and do the "unofficial wedding photographer" thing that I have seen friends do so often and to such great effect.  I have my eye on the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 for my next purchase (after I get out of debt and buy a bed, so like…2009), but nobody rents those. So I looked into renting the Canon 24-70/2.8L or 28-70/2.8L.  I have wide covered with the 17-40/4, I have low light covered with the 50/1.8, so this seemed like a good way to get tele and flexibility.

Finally, I call the rental places in Milwaukee today. None available.  I call the places in DC. None available. "We have the 17-40!" they say.  Gee thanks.  I snooze I lose!  Why did I procrastinate so??  Stupid me.

Discouraged, I get back to work. Ah well, I've shot all kinds of stuff with the 50, I know it well, that should be ok. An hour later cleaning off my desk I trash the Penn price list I'd printed out and think, hey, maybe I should consider a long prime, and just bite the bullet and be lens-changy girl, changing lenses all the time. I call Penn, and the guy and I chat about long primes like 135mm/2.0, and we drool over the 85mm/1.2.  What do you think, I ask him.  This is for a wedding, and I've never done one before. Oh, well we have the 28-70/2.8 he says.  !!  There was a cancellation!  (Of course, now I am having second thoughts.  It's apparently large, and NOT internal zoom like the 17-40 has spoiled me with.  And it needs its hood and the wedding is outdoors in the PM anyway.  Eh, I'll get over it I'm sure.)

Lucky me eh? No, says labmate L. You are persistent. Persistent?  It's a word I have not used to describe myself, but…it's true isn't it? I got the damned Ph.D., which I'd always chalked up to stubbornness, and what is persistence but a polite term for same?  This didn't feel like persistence — but it was me unwilling to accept defeat, and willing to try a Plan B to make it work, and having A suddenly become workable….so on paper, what else could it be?
Hmm. Maybe I'm also tenacious! Am I tenacious?


2 Responses to “persistence?”

  1. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    Yes. Persistence. Tenaciousness. These are nice ways of saying stubborn. And, from the sisterhood of Stubborn Bitches What Gots They Doc-to-rates, I say bring it on.

  2. Dr. Techne Says:

    Do we have t-shirts? Cause a t-shirt that said that would be rule.

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