that kinda night

18 May, 2006

post-blogger meetup, originally uploaded by techne.

Can't remember the last time I gave my info out via matchbook, if ever. 


Bartender at Pharaoh's: "have you lost weight?"
Me: "yeah, I'm not trying though, it's kinda weird, not sure what to do about it…."

Bartender: "try laying off the smack."

For my money there have not been NEARLY enough smack jokes about my weight loss.


hired: DCRob and TheMichael for hanging out on 18th long enough for me to re-run into them after they blew off Pharaoh's.

fired: I-495 Blues for not letting me go back for my camera on our pizza run. Favorite awesome shot missed: 4 suits eating massive pepperoni slices.

Overheard at Pizza Mart:

"This slice is bigger than my LIFE."


One Response to “that kinda night”

  1. Libby! Says:

    You really should’ve stayed at the raven- ‘evermore’. We went to town with the smack that fell out of your bag. In our manic state we went to 7-11 to buy essentials: a carton of parliaments and fake g*l*i*t*t*e*r tattoos. Back at the Raven: We Chain-smoked as we applied.

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