wedding situation report

24 May, 2006

Back from grad school friend's wedding in Minneapolis, a study in crisis. (well OK, "crisis." Really just "situations.")

POTENTIAL CRISIS AVOIDED: I didn't rent the lens. I got to Penn and it was HUGE, MY FRIENDS, HUGE, and that's without the lens hood. The combination of lens I'm not comfortable with and travel with not-really-photo-gear-oriented luggage and the risk of being out money I don't even sort of have if something should happen….I stuck to the devils I knew and it was the right decision. I was very comfortable all weekend with my trusty little two-lens kit.  I didn't ever feel the need for the 70mm which was the only thing I didn't already have (well, that and wide-angle at 2.8, but eh). I was much happier with my prime 50/1.8 than I would have been with a zoom 70.

don't drop her, peaches

(However, I did consider, and try on, Penn's 85/1.2. ooooooooh man.)

SITUATION SILVER-LININGED: AirTran missed the connection so the trip started with me spending Thursday night in Atlanta instead of arriving in the dead of night. This turned out to be a good thing (except for the time spent dealing with it instead of sleeping) because this way I didn't have to worry about waking my host, and I got to stay in a damn nice room and get free food then and for the return flight.

(Yes, you read that right–I flew from DC to Atlanta to Minneapolis. Hey, it was that at ~$200 or direct at ~$450.)

CRISIS PUT TO GOOD USE: On the morning of, we (host, me, and another bridesmaid who was also staying with host) locked ourselves out of the house with all our clothes and stuff in it (we were on our way to Hair). The bride never knew a thing. It was all over by the time her hair was done. We later told her to calm her down because she was freaking out abotu something else: "Girl, today is SO under control that we ALREADY HAD a crisis and it's already fixed! So don't even worry!"

SITUATION SUCCESSFULLY RESOLVED: Click on the photo of the groom and 'maids for the explanation of this one. It involves an inexplicably empty CF card and a $30 piece of software.

GOOD THING TURNED INTO CRISIS IN RIDICULOUS WAY: I was to fly into Dulles at 11pm Monday, but caught a standby seat (in business class even) an hour earlier. I texted my ride to this effect, being sure to mention that the new flight was going into National, much closer to Ride's location. Now, National was recently renamed Reagan National, which I never acknowledge in conversation. Never. It actually pains me a bit to do so here. Anyway, Ride and I had actually discussed this, months earlier when we'd met (he is a bit of a Reagan fan, although the reason is totally beyond me). So I fully expected a smartass "Don't you mean Reagan? What is this 'National' you speak of?" sort of text-volley. I should have known by the lack of Reagan-related ribbing that he hadn't noticed the change….when I landed at National, he had just arrived, at Dulles. So the advantage of standby was totally negated by unclear communication (me) and multitasking (him).

Damn you Ronald Reagan! You are always causing trouble!


5 Responses to “wedding situation report”

  1. Reagan Fan Says:

    Hey now,

    Don’t go blaming the gipper for the negation of your stand-by advantage. Why do you hate America?

  2. techne Says:

    Hey supply sider, I'll blame whoever I want–why do you hate freedom??

  3. furcafe Says:

    Inspired by your example, I’m going to use PhotoRescue to see if it can recover any of my lost roller girl footage. Even if it doesn’t, it’s probably a good thing to have.

  4. techne Says:

    glad to serve as poster child for happy disk-failure resolutions. It works like a charm.

  5. […] Speaking of the source, some may remember this post, wherein my refusal to refer to that airport in Arlington, VA by the name of a particular ex-President caused some transportation miscommunication between me and Reaganite (who got that name from that post’s comments, actually).   Well, darlin’, and world, my moratorium has been broken: to book a flight through an airline’s phone automated system recently, I was forced to refer to the place as “Washington Reagan National.”  Sigh.  I didn’t even book the flight, so it was all for naught!  Also…guess which airline it was? And, welcome, Wonkette readers. There have already been almost 1000 of you. Eek, maybe I shoulda put up some content yesterday. (I will be blogging more often now, in general, because I found the WordPress dashboard widget, so there’s hope for the future…) Enjoy my bizarroworld pics of Tryst and please check out my flickr photostream, linked to the right. Thanks and enjoy the afterglow! […]

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