Memorial Day weekend 2004…

26 May, 2006

…was my first time in DC as an adult (that is, not my 8th grade DC trip).  I was visiting P., my then-boyfriend, who was working on the Kerry campaign. Spent the afternoon at headquarters and stood 5 ft from the man himself during a photo op.  That night I got down with the campaign folks, whom I had been hearing about the awesomeness of from P.  "If they win," I remember thinking, "it sure will be fun to move to DC and have these people be our new friends."

Anyway, we broke up, and they lost.  I moved to DC anyway, though — and indeed it has been fun to be friends with the JK alums.  I realized yesterday when I was talking about one of them that I'd known the guy for two years, despite having been here less than one!

They were opening the WWII memorial that weekend. It was nuts what with the vets, and the bikers, and the cicadas, and the hot, and everywhere we went–even Kramerbooks for brunch!–we got carded. We asked why and were told "security."  Yeah you are going to be finding a lot of terrorists by screening bloody mary drinkers in DuPont.


One Response to “Memorial Day weekend 2004…”

  1. Dancewriter Says:

    Stumbled onto your site – god only knows how… but I wanted to say hi because I lived in Adams Morgan for a while in the 90s while my then-boyfriend did a post doc at NIDDK.

    I lived on Lanier Place (close to 18th and Columbia). Interesting place to be, that’s for sure! 🙂

    Happy Memorial Day!

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