whatta day

3 June, 2006

And it hasn't even started yet. I have a hoity-toity function tonight to prep for. I had this routine DOWN in Chicago:

— Plan outfit on Friday for Saturday afternoon or night.

— Go shopping Saturday morning for that last accessory or two.

— Find much better outfit/accessory schema. Make it work at the very last minute.

— Look smashing.

My biggest finds:

— Senior prom: maroon chinese dress at a flea market (admittedly this was a few days before, but for prom this counts as last-minute).

— J&J's wedding, the first of our crowd to get hitched: asymmetrical sweater shell that is still sexy as hell, AND a hand-embroidered blue Chinese jacket in perfect shape.

— T&B's wedding: I already had a blue linen boatneck bias-cut Ralph Lauren dress, which I unenthusiastically planned to accessorize with silver. The night before, P and I went to dinner with R&M, and at that time M was obsessed with the color orange. Lightbulb. She spent the next day going around with me as I picked up orange hair and nail things, and in my greatest coup, I found matching orange shoes and purse mere hours before the wedding.

Problem today is, my secret weapons were DSW Shoe Warehouse and a panel of trusty yet ever-changing vintage stores. A car was not strictly necessary but did speed up the process greatly. Here in DC, the only DSW I know of is in the Bethesda boonies and Metro inaccessible, I don't know of any vintage stores except Mustardseed, also in Bethesda, which does not carry the type of stuff I'll need today, and my car is not working properly, in a this-could-stop-working-anytime sort of way. So it's an adventure. (Oh wait–there's a DSW in Virginia! But then I'm in Virginia.)

I should get started….I leave you with this tidbit from Overheard in New York which you really should be reading. C'mon it has a feed and everything, makes it real easy.

Hot chick: So, I just wanted to let you know I'm just coming out of a relationship.
Buff dude: Oh. Well, then I should tell you that I used to be a stripper in Chicago.
Hot chick: Hmm…I have herpes.
Buff dude: That's ok, I have two cats.

–Scruffy Duffy's, 8th Ave between 46th & 47th


6 Responses to “whatta day”

  1. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    omfg, that snippet from overheard in ny made me fall off my chair. herpes = two cats?? Did you ever blog the olfactory phone convo?

  2. techne Says:

    what do you know….I never did. Should I blog it or send it to overheard in DC?

  3. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    Is there an overheard in DC? Really?

  4. techne Says:

    It’s a DCist feature, is all. Fridays I think…

  5. April Says:

    There’s a new DSW in Silver Spring, MD, within walking distance of the metro station. Just opened up a couple weeks ago. might be the most convenient for you, being on the red line. And of course, there’s the one in Pentagon City, too (not sure if you meant that Virginia one, or the one in Bailey’s Crossroads..?)

  6. I just found myself here at your blog. That snip from overhead really is a classic, but i want to see the prom dress you picked up from the flea market! Can you point me to a photo of it??

    Jaynie Eastwood
    Prom Web Mistress

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