action and reaction

15 June, 2006

I took the top shot last week but only ul'd it to flickr Tuesday night. DCist published it on Wednesday, in exactly the context I'd hoped for when I added the DCist tag (thanks for reading my mind Martin!) The resultant thread gave me ideas, and old RL friend and Photoshop genius leepus and I collaborated to produce the bottom image.

If these ads are still up where you are, please let me know where. This one was gone from Woodley Park today, a week after it appeared — cheapskate Focusers-On-Family, only springing for one week!

I have a longer, impassioned point to make about this issue — mostly a response to a few of the prima facie-reasonable arguments made in the DCist thread. But I may send them to DCist to publish instead of posting here or on flickr. Seems worthwhile, and may publicize the issue and get more calls in to WMATA.


4 Responses to “action and reaction”

  1. Bsivad Says:

    This is great. A terrific response that gets the point across with humor.

  2. DCeiver Says:

    SooooOOOoo hilarious. Great job!

  3. Miscegenist Says:

    Now, that’s comedy.

    Still laughing.

  4. j. stoffel Says:

    Here’s one I took in the Moscow Metro last spring. Equates ills of smoking with ills of homosexuality…. those cigarette-dressed Russian women in red tights can be really dangerous……

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