(not so) live from the stoop

17 July, 2006

(wrote this last night. didn’t see that it didn’t go through until now.)
Coming home from Tryst just now, I hear this on my building’s front stairs:

very young woman: “I never knew about the bus until I came here….it’s awesome…I just like, get on it, and it takes me to my work!”
very young man: “wow, do you have to pay anything?”
v.y.w.: “yeah, like a dollar.”

Who ARE these people?


5 Responses to “(not so) live from the stoop”

  1. Yeah, I heard something similar a few days ago myself. The funny thing is I thought it was a moronic thing to say until I remembered that when I moved here two years ago I was amazed by it too. Coming from Memphis buses were looked at as something that only poor people used and they never ran on time. To see people getting out of a BMW at a Park and Ride to take the bus was mind blowing the first couple of times. Now it’s just the way life is.


  2. Kate Says:


  3. Alex Says:

    But, they never run on time here either…

  4. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    Who are these people? You just overheard a conversation between two of the twenty-two year old Congressional aides who actually run the universe. You know, when they aren’t having sex with married men in exchange for blenders or whatever.

  5. This is why we have to educate people about how to use transit.

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