blogergy, or blog synergy

19 July, 2006

Last week I posted this, and Jamy replied, so we organized an outing, which also involved flickrites, and at one point I had my camera out and it started a conversation and we met inked. Later, I posted this and Jamy posted this and her friend K posted this, and today inked got tipped off and posted this and my hit count was my second highest ever. I’m surprised we all found time to meet face to face in all that. And we photogs haven’t even posted our shots yet! Maybe I should start a feature about DC blogergy. Any submissions?

Today I managed to get home without seeing anybody I know, but I did see a woman who lives in my building. She is notable because she looks like a goth Mena Suvari.  The resemblance really is striking and I double-take every time, which hasn’t yet gotten me the evil eye, luckily. We’ve never spoken but I have a soft spot for the look, which she does quite well, dressing it up for work with lots of nice vintage and vintage-inspired stuff and going all-out on weekends. Anyway, I noticed she had a Penn Camera shopping bag, which scared me. Is she a photographer? Is she on flickr? Do I already know her? Goth Mena Suvari, are you reading this??

g.m.s. color

n.b. This came up recently…if you don’t know why I say “internets”, click here. And if you’ve ever wondered how how the internets work, well…wonder no more.


6 Responses to “blogergy, or blog synergy”

  1. jamy Says:

    I totally forgot to write about meeting “inked” from Frozen Tropics. She overheard me talking about my blog to those pestery boys and introduced herself. I should be grateful to them since I read her blog religiously and I was excited to meet her.

  2. jamy Says:

    Oh, wait–maybe it was your doing? If so, thanks!

  3. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    Hey now, don’t I get a shout out for showing you through the tubes? 😉

  4. techne Says:

    jamy, it was, I pointed you out.

    Cranky, it was because it was late and I couldn’t decide whether or not to call you Cranky or not, and it seems that instead of making a decision I went to sleep. sorry! 😦

  5. Alex Says:

    Wow… she’s hot! Nice job on making her look perfectly clear in an otherwise blurry scene, too.

  6. […] Saw Goth Mena Suvari in the laundry room this morning. Wondering if I should make a print of my shot of her and give it to her. Is that creepy? Probably makes me look like a stalker, yes? Although if she ever finds this blog, she’ll pretty much know all, stalker-wise.  I’m That Girl either way.  Hmm. […]

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