8 August, 2006

Friday. August 11. It is my one-year anniversary of moving to DC. And what. A. Year. It’s. Been. I’d love to celebrate with you, the responsible parties, on Friday night after work. What say you, readers? Are you in?

I’m taking suggestions for venue–leave them in the comments please! Last celebration I had, for my doctoral anniversary, was at Toledo Lounge. Now I love the Lounge but would like to mix it up some. The place should have space and reasonably-priced drinks/nothing resembling a “door policy” and perhaps food. Velvet Lounge has been suggested….never been there, though. Does it qualify?

If you cannot make it, don’t worry….we are also coming up on the first anniversary of my 29th birthday. Now I personally have no problem with turning 30. Rumor has it that a woman’s thirties are…..exciting. But this would make me older than my grandmother and my aunts, who are all 29. (My mom might also be 29, I forget her position on the matter.) So if you can’t make it now, I’ll catch ya then.

Suggest a venue below!

5 Responses to “SAVE THE DATE”

  1. mickrad Says:

    Hey! Velvet Lounge is great. It’s a little dark, but the barman is really nice. Otherwise, maybe Bar Pilah, or St. Ex?

  2. jamy Says:

    Wish I could make it, but I’ll be in Canada. I like all the bars on Penn Ave SE–most have a low-key vibe.

  3. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    wonderland has some cheap drinks, though I will likely be up for VL, as I believe I am meant to be dining on U Street any old way. What is the time frame here?

  4. Reagan Fan Says:

    Looks like you’re on notice…

  5. Reagan Fan Says:

    bah… wordpress ate the img tag.

    I’ll try this instead:

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