my trip to Miami

29 August, 2006

Last Thursday, the prospect of a weekend trip to Miami came up. I packed and everything, but in the end it was another DC weekend for me. Bummer! I’ve never been to Miami. And I finally have a South Beach-worthy bod, too. (Well, as much as one can while still maintaining one’s health.)

When it failed to pan out, I took my newly awakened desire to go to the beach to H&M, where it bought bikinis, and on Saturday, beachy desire and I went to the pool at the Marriot Wardman in Woodley Park, which is sometimes open to the public.


Tease me with prospects of exotic travel, will you? OK. I shall send you cameraphone pics of my cleavage. Who’s sorry now?

On Sunday, the teaser returned from Miami, and we finally made it to the beach together. Teasing and counterteasing aside, it was all for the best. I would never have been inspired to plan it otherwise, and doing it as a day trip, and not a weekend half of which is spent in airports being annoyed at security, was a much more relaxing option.


Chalk another one up on “places I have of course been, but not as a photographer, so I had fun of the normal type associated with [place] but also had fun looking for shots.” (Also I went to Annapolis, but beyond “lots of seafood, lots of midshipmen” there is not much to say about that.)

Thanks to flickr friends furcafe and bsivad for further inspiration and ideas. And speaking of flickr, check out flickr’s newest feature, automatic geotagging!


2 Responses to “my trip to Miami”

  1. Reagan Fan Says:

    “Who’s sorry now?”

    Cameraphone pics of your cleavage while I’m a thousand miles away… evil, I tell you. Eeeevill.

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