things I’m missing

30 August, 2006

I’ve been using the handle “techne” online for over 10 years.  I picked it in the days of Mosaic and gopher, to give you an idea; a few months later the big purple N came on the scene.  (I had another handle for the first few months/year of my internet life, which I will not share with you while I am sober.)  I learned “techne” from Plato’s Republic, and was attracted to the concept (there’s a link explaining it to the right, if you are interested).  It’s been a handle, a login, an email address…but when I developed this online blogging and Flickring self, it became a name.  This has been a bit odd to get used to, for some reason.  For one, I never, ever capitalized it before.  So I always get this “Who? Oh. Heh.” when I see references to “Techne,” not to mention “Dr. T.”  Not that any of you should stop calling me this or stop capitalizing it or anything.  I mostly just wonder, when did we stop thinking in terms of handles?  How did I miss the change?

I have always held that every car needs to have in its trunk a blanket and a frisbee.  This weekend was a perfect example of why:  I own no beach-visiting items of any kind, and these did well in the pinch. But as I wistfully watched people flying kites in the strong ocean wind, I wondered why I had never added a kite to the list.  What else?  Should I move my little cooler to the trunk of my car, too?


I recently went to Hooters for the first time in my life. Reaganite was shocked.  “You’ve never been to Hooters?!”  “Nope,” I said.  “Here I am, almost 30 years old, and I’ve never been to Hooters.”     I was being a wee bit sarcastic.  But it made me wonder what I could say that about non-sarcastically.  So, readers, please finish this sentence, and give me a list of stuff to do in the next few weeks before my birthday strikes: “30 years old, and I’ve never…..”  (As for WHY I went to Hooters this time, well…it was after seeing Snakes on a Plane. ’nuff said.)


5 Responses to “things I’m missing”

  1. I have two male friends, and I actually blogged about their lunch at Hooters last year.

  2. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    I always use the lower case when I use the handle, but I guess when I add your credentials I liked the resonance with Mr. Also, I completely missed the “handle” stage with Birdcage.

    I don’t actually have a good “I’ve never done” thing to suggest for completion in the next week. But I do have to note both that I’m 35 and *still* have never been to Hooters, and that I’m wondering when I missed Hooters as a standard destination in one’s life. Like saying you’ve never been to Burger King or something. I don’t eat wings and I’ve got my own set of boobs, so I just never really saw the appeal.

  3. furcafe Says:

    A friend has a blog devoted entirely to the 30 things she wants to do by the time she hits 30:

    Most of them are personal goals, of course, & not the sort of thing you can do in a couple weeks . . .

    Personally, I can’t even remember what I did for my 30th birthday, let alone what my goals were @ the time.

  4. Nancy Kirk Says:

    You’re 30 years old and you’ve never been to Monticello?

  5. techne Says:

    Nice try Nancy. My 8th grade trip to DC took us to Monticello (although I have been meaning to go back now that I’m a local).

    Dr. B, your BK analogy sums it up. I think for an American not to have been to, say, BK or McD by the age of thirty would be worth a raised eyebrow at the very least, not because they are such incredible places but because they are so ubiquitous a feature of the landscape. As for when that happened with Hooters, I don’t know either. Hence the recent visit.

    I have seen that blog before furcafe…wonder why.

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