second laugh of the day

9 November, 2006

Thanks BoingBoing:

The first laugh of the day came at around 6:30, when my landline started to ring. I only have this line for DSL and pizza place’s caller ID, so this was extra weird. “Who the fuck is calling me at 6:30?” I mumbled. “Don’t forget to vote on Nov. 9th” Reaganite said, eyes still closed. Ah voter fraud, always teh hilarious!

Speaking of Reaganite, some may remember this post, wherein my refusal to refer to that airport in Arlington, VA by the name of a particular ex-President caused some transportation miscommunication between us (he got that name from that post’s comments, actually). Well, darlin’, and world, my moratorium has been broken: to book a flight through an airline’s phone automated system recently, I was forced to refer to the place as “Washington Reagan National.” Sigh. I didn’t even book it, so it was all for naught! (Guess which airline it was?)

Lastly, welcome, Wonkette readers. There have already been almost 1000 of you. Eek, maybe I shoulda put up some content yesterday. (I will be blogging more often now, in general, because I found the WordPress dashboard widget, so there’s hope for the future…) Enjoy my bizarroworld pics of Tryst and please check out my flickr photostream, linked to the right. Thanks and enjoy the afterglow!


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