clones, PLEASE attack

30 November, 2006

I know I have been a remiss blogger. I promise that when I succeed in cloning myself, I will put one of my clones on the task of making my blog interesting again. Right after I assign other clones to managing my data, and another to write up all my results. (I will be analyzing, you see. Thinking the big thoughts, or, as I described my job to my parents once, “figuring shit out.”) Work is NUTS. Nuts and a half. It’s good, but…yeah. Also, I think I have a touch of ADD. You’re shocked, I know.

Maybe my blogging clone will also be the one who takes pictures. And knit, since SHE won’t have RSI like I now do from all my working. Sigh. That clone will have all the fun. (Speaking of fun, maybe we can do the sex by lottery, or the clones can collectively pick the one who needs it the most. Or maybe we can clone R. too. Heck, while we’re cloning people, I’ll just take a few Angelina Jolies for this part.) Maybe the knitting, photo-taking, blogging clone can also take care of all the other clones. But other clones will get jealous of her leisure time and she will go nuts with all the cooking. And the laundry! Oy vey!! One clone will need to get another job to pay for it! Yeah, I should rotate them. What would be a good interval? A week, to give each a weekend? A month, to get a head of steam going? For all this I’ll need a common brain to reduce duplication of effort. Like a brain hub. They can sync every night while we sleep. No, at least two of them will be nocturnal, I work best then. Depending on how long it takes though, it might work. But it’d probably take quite a while. Maybe if we shared dreams, cause dreams consolidate memories…

ok. I am stopping now. This clone thing…I guess you could call it my latest obsession. I think about it a wee bit too much.

In other news congrats to friend Dr. Birdcage for completing NaNoWriMo. I’ve never had an interest in doing it — fiction’s not my bag — but I admire those who do commit. I heard vaguely of a similar initiative to blog every day, and the way I blog that could become tens of thousands of words in no time (this post was intended as a three-liner. Stop laughing!) Anyway…anyone know the program I’m talking about? Maybe I should do that next year.

From the other room the clones yell, “YEAH. CAUSE I’M NOT DOING ENOUGH.”

Back to work.


One Response to “clones, PLEASE attack”

  1. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    well thankee for the congrats! And if you sort out the cloning thing, hook me up. Because I have no idea how I’m going to finish that thing for P’s birthday otherwise.

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