2 December, 2006


Originally uploaded by techne.

I have decided, re technology, to balance being disturbed by developments (like the crappy Chicago grocery store I grew up near now using fingerprints for self-checkout service) with seeing what it’s like to just…appreciate them. To admire the products of the cleverness of my fellow humans — and acknowledge my role in it.

So yesterday, when the following took place between 2 NIH colleagues in a waiting room:

E: So, you have a Treo too?
G: Yep! It’s the [Executron-9000 MX60 blah blah].

They compare.

E: Hey, we can play Pong!

They play Pong.

…, I knew just what to do: document it with MY gadget.

While I was doing that, our supervisor came out (we were at a flu shot clinic) and promptly checked his Blackberry.

Perhaps it is time for me to get a PDA.


One Response to “2006”

  1. Spoofy Says:

    Oh look, they’re mating.

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