First night

15 December, 2006

First night

Originally uploaded by techne.

Scene: 5PM. The lab. Winter. It could be midnight, for all one can discern by looking out the window.

OUR HEROINE is discouraged, and IMing with HER ECONOMIST COLLEAGUE PAL. They are working. Feebly.

techne: god, I hate winter.
techne: the DARK
E.B.: It’d be perfect for some sort of festival of lights, though.
techne: good point
E.B.: Wouldn’t it be great if there were one starting RIGHT NOW?
techne: oh fuck! tonight? not tomorrow night?!
techne: damn jews and our calendar. [in the Jewish calendar days start at sunset the night before.]
E.B.: The Library of Congress says tonight.
techne: well, that’s as good excuse as any to go home.

And it was.

(I don’t really hate winter. Especially once Hanukkah starts. It gets one through the solstice and it’s all longer days from there, or so one can tell oneself.)


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