Protest preparation

24 January, 2007

I’ve taken very few pictures in January. I’ve had a bad run of Januarys lately, and this one has involved a lot of hibernating and homebodying, which ain’t too condusive to creativity for me. (As you may have noticed from my blogging history.)

So, I’m looking forward to this weekend’s antiwar protest on the Mall, my first such march as a photographer. My task is clear. To retain my identity as a DC-area photographer, I must try to capture:

* the cutest kid holding the wordiest sign

* the hottest woman holding a sign with the best Bush/Dick pun

* the most stereotypical lesbian holding a sign with the best Bush/Dick pun

(Extra points for me if these are the same woman!)

* the hipster with the most self-consciously ironic sign

* the hippie-ist hippie couple

* the pepperpot with vest covered in the most pins

* protester with too little respect for the weather

* protester with too much respect for the weather

* least relevant sign

* most non-sequitur sign

(The difference is that the least relevant will at least attempt to tie the issue back to the protest’s subject.)

* the sign with the greatest ratio of issues to words

* best juxtaposition of signs/people

Am I missing any?


6 Responses to “Protest preparation”

  1. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    *snort* this is funny. How about Most Annoying Sign Tying Sign To Protester’s Pet Issue? Protester Most Likely to Make You Cringe That They Are Representing the Anti-War Movement? Most Paranoid Sign/Most Complicated Conspiracy Theory Anyone Has Ever Attempted To Fit On A 24 By 18 Piece of Cardboard?

  2. techne Says:

    Good ones, good ones. It will be fun to take pictures and make up categories later. I sort of feel like making it a flickr game or group.

  3. joelogon Says:

    Don’t forget a flag-waving counterprotestor. — Joe

  4. Momb Says:

    The omnipresent anti-abortion protester calling us all commies…

  5. Momb Says:

    Oh, yeah, PETA…

  6. Mukhtar Says:

    Related to comment #1:

    Best Interpretation of “Free Mumia!”

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