the manolo

31 January, 2007

The Techne, she has been meaning to tell you for a while about the blog of the Manolo (the accent parody of which she is emulating).

At first she would pretend that she was merely reading the Manolo’s column in the course of her reading the Express paper of the Friday. When she started turning to the Manolo first thing, she knew it was the self-delusion to say that she was not a fan. Still, the Techne, for some reason she has the pride, and will feel a little embarrassed in such pleasures of the guilt.

But this is sillier than even the accent of the Manolo. The Manolo, he is not only super fantastic, he educates. For example, there is The Gallery of the Horrors, a good starting place where there are many harsh words about the Uggs and the many varieties of ugly clog available today. He also inspires. On the most depressing day of the year, he lifted the spirits with the photo of the outrageous Pucci boots:

Surely this was a public service. I was inspired to purchase boots just like this! But mine are not Pucci, they are Kenneth Cole Reaction. And they are the chocolate brown. And the heels they are wedges. And the embellishment is limited to the stitching on the seams, which is of the lighter color. And there is a faux fur turndown at the top which is meant to be worn with the jeans tucked in, which makes the Techne look like the wintry ski bunny and not like the manic socialite. And they were not $1000 of the dollars, but were on the sale in the basement of Filene for the 40% off, bringing their price into the Techne’s range of the double digits.

So yes, thank you Manolo for inspiring the purchase of the winter boots. I await suitable weather in DC in which to wear them.

I note also that the Manolo, he has a line of the merchandise. I think you will agree that the shirt on the bottom of the page, it is most appropriate for the Techne. It remains only for the Techne to decide between the black and the super-fantastic pink. The one above it, it is also the hilarious.


7 Responses to “the manolo”

  1. liz Says:


  2. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    oh, the super fantastic pink. And yeay! for Manolo and for the post for which I have been doing the waiting.

  3. joelogon Says:

    The Pucci boots look perfect. If you are un luchador. — Joe

  4. Momb Says:

    Ah, the mother says yes the Techne must have, but perhaps in the black, which go with all the thing.

  5. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    The Momb gets the points for the funniness of the commenting. I had to come back and say thousands of the thank yous to the techne for the introduction to the Manolo. Though I can’t decide if I have more loving for the Go Fug Yourself or the Manolo, but in any case, the Gallery of the Horrors (esp. the Uggs) makes me want to flop on the Boy of Laziness and be consumed of the laughing until death is hovering close.

  6. Ski Board Mi Says:

    I like em! Ski bunny indeed.

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