random acts of kindness

22 February, 2007


Originally uploaded by techne.

Got a package in the mail today from friends on the left coast. They are normally very good about birthdays and such, but I have nothing like that going on….it turned out to be a care package filled with silliness, peanuts and hie-larity! Thanks K!

The magnet (which is Bush’s famous “I know how hard it is to put food on your family” line) will go well with a magnet of the same design that my sister got me a while ago:

What a fine addition this will make. Laura Bush with salad on her head…priceless.

The froggy thing was made up of a half dozen lengths of different colored crepe paper, and had toys and confetti inside. The streamers are now decorating my desk, wafting gently in the ventilation breeze.

The book is lots of shots of signs of various types where particular words have been covered over by stickers that say “FUCK.” Apparently there is a website, but for some reason the government won’t let me see a website called “FUCKTHISWEBSITE.com.” Prudes. Anyway what’s particularly hilarious about this is that my friend J. and I used to drive around and play this game with signs we saw on the road**, JUST LIKE this. I’m sure I’ve played this game with K. at some point, but doubt that’s what inspired purchase of this book, which makes it all the funnier.

The card says “and Fuck the whole winter of 2007, right in its ear!” There is a diagram of an arrow of “FUCK” going into a little ear of “2007 winter”, just in case I am feeling like a more visual learner today.

Yay random acts of kindness, yay snail mail, yay short-week Thursday, and most of all yay friends! Thanks K! You really brought a smile to my face, and annoyance to my cubemates as I unrolled the frog thingy.

**It is the ultimate in-car punch-drunk game. The trick is finding the word whose fucklation would produce maximal hilarity. For example, “No fucking, tow zone” or “No parking, fuck zone”? Surely a question for the ages, and that’s not even considering the lovely tangentialness of “No parking, tow fuck.”   But my favorite one ever is when J. stopped at a stop sign, put up his hand all Diana Ross, and said, with great care, “FUCK.” If you don’t think that’s funny, well, you would have when you were 16.


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