SXSW and our snowstorm

7 March, 2007

New data means more URGENT!!1! work on paper, but to hold you/me over…

E. Blair has listened to 48 hours of music so you don’t have to. I DL’d the entire 2006 SXSW mp3 list and never got even close to through it, so my hat is off to him. On first listen-through I rarely note particular songs, but “Burning Man” did catch my ear.

It’s not even worth getting into how depressing it is that DC calls 2 cm of snow a “storm”. Although it is coming down a teensy bit heavier now…which makes me want to go outside and play. I even brought my camera today. Sad clown. Stuck inside, updating data tables.


One Response to “SXSW and our snowstorm”

  1. Rachael Says:

    I just downloaded his shortlist of sxsw stuff- and btw did you know that kimmie is there?- and “burning man” is fucking hilarious. I heart les claypool.

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