yet one more mistake Bud Selig made

2 April, 2007

I’m loving the day’s news of how Bush was, uh, Way Too Busy to throw out the first pitch of the season at RFK this afternoon. In case you’ve forgotten, baseball is Bush’s favorite sport, to put it mildly:

Bush wanted the [commissioner of] baseball job so badly that he stalled for a full year, as frustrated as a bride at the altar waiting for the groom to show up. When he called Vincent the next fall, he was still not entirely resigned to losing out. “Selig still says he wants me to be commissioner, but nothing’s happening,” Bush reported. “I told them I have to decide in a couple of weeks.” He made one last glum call to Vincent: “You were right, nothing happened. I’m going to run for governor.” And then, in November 1993, he announced he was challenging Ann Richards.

Read the article if you haven’t, it’s fascinating. I’ve had outrage or outrage fatigue about him and what he’s doing to this country for so long, that I got mad at him the other day for something or other, and it felt like nostalgia.


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