Possible Best DC Blog nod…Sexiest Female Blogger???

9 April, 2007

I only half-follow the Best DC Blog site. I should RSS it, it’s often amusing — I haven’t so far because it’s so often got that slam book snarky vibe that reminds me of the junior high whimpering on the bed that I used to do. Anyway, this morning I noticed a link from it in my logs. How odd, I’m not a commenter there or on their blogroll. Well, it seems I have been nominated for Sexiest Female Blogger. By Michelle Malkin no less! (OK, really a Michelle Malkin hater. That’s 2 points in your favor, Michelle Malkin Naked.) Another mystery wrapped in an enigma. Have we met, MMN?

Perhaps I am meant to be filler for the list, and would be crossed off at an early stage with a snarky comment. Crossed off eventually would be OK, as I’m unlikely to win where there are far more exhibitionist types in the DC female blogger community. But to be first to go….ouch. The junior high bed-whimpering instincts are strong, but I got the psychological and physical chops to play this game now: confidence in myself, 20/20 vision, boobs, relatively flattering clothes, all the stuff I didn’t have back in the day when “She’s Like The Wind,” “Together Forever,” and “I Wanna Have Some Fun” were on Z95* and vests and bubble skirts were in…the FIRST time.

So, let the objectification begin.  Or, rather, resume: I have after all already posted/blogged this image.


That’s about all that’s PG rated (or is cleavage PG-13 now?) that I will share, image- or story-wise. After all, my mother reads this blog. Hi Mom! (Although she gets far less grossed out by these things than my sister does. Hi sister!)

Would it help to make an appearance at a blogger happy hour, in a nice little v-neck and heels? (I Blame the Patriarchy readers: they will, of course, be comfortable heels. I don’t own any other type. Hey, I never claimed to be a radical** feminist. Unfortunately for me, Katie Roiphe was an influence at this tender age too…although I’m also not a lipstick feminist.)
*I owned all of these songs. If you wish to mock me, I’d like to hear YOUR Worst-Of of what you were listening to in 1988. Anyway, I mark this as a dark era of prehistory to my musical awakening which began in 1991 with REM’s Out Of Time and Primus’ Sailing the Seas of Cheese. Also, during the late 80s my mom played a lot of Leonard Cohen and WXRT, which was at its peak then. This made me much cooler later on.

**I typed “radial feminist” at first. Heh.


8 Responses to “Possible Best DC Blog nod…Sexiest Female Blogger???”

  1. Good Look for you! And Good luck. I hear some rumblings in your favor…and honey that goes a long way in this blessed crowd.

  2. liz Says:

    Nothing sexier than a hickey….an eye hickey!

  3. Momb Says:

    Hmmm. Maybe you should repost that picture in the silver bias satin number…

  4. techne Says:

    Oh, I forgot all about that.

  5. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    well right on, sister. In 1988 I was listening to hardcore punk rock exclusively. But I laughed at the she’s like the wind reference.

  6. techne Says:

    I guess 1982 would be your parallel awful-jr-high years? Was the music as bad then?

    I was the biggest Dirty Dancing fan. Although to my credit that was not my favorite song on the album.

  7. Scarlet Says:

    How do you know who nominated you?

  8. techne Says:

    I don’t, I guess.

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